Terms of use

All our product are fashion, original trending and creation and are for fashion use. the masks shall not be used to commit crime or used to shield the identity for criminal act.

Minors or kids should not and can not shop here. 21 +

All masks are fashion MASKS and are also used to protect against the cold wether while trending. Our mouth mask are mouth, dust, wind, and are helpful in covering the mouth and the mouth area but not medical.

Vests are for fashion and have no plates in them and will not stop or protect an individual from harm. We do not recommend the use of plates in does vests as the are for fashion use.

FRAUD WARNING: If you use a stollen credit card on our website, fraudulent activity or similar, we will post your information and action on our social media accounts and we will inform, help and assist authority in inquiries and we will also do the same at a request of the card holder.

Orders that fail to match credit card registered billing address and zip code or fail no fraud will not be shipped.


We have Free shipping and expedite shipping. although the shipping period is ranged from 2 to 5 days 3 to 7 days and 3 to 10 days, some items may take longer just for the fact that most of our items are exclusive and are not mass produced.

Returned packages:

All returned packages do to incorrect address or customer's fault, will be charged reshipping fee to reship.

By shopping here you agreed to our terms of use.